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The Vultee BT-13, was the "Basic Trainer" (hence the initials BT) of the US Air Force in World War II. Trainee pilots who flew it needed to learn in this aircraft formation flying, instrument flying and aerobatic flying. The prototype of the BT-13 made its maiden flight in March 1939. First was the Vultee factory only a contract for the manufacture of BT-13 for the Air Force, but because it soon became apparent that the aircraft met all expectations, also set the Navy a big order. Almost every American pilot who later with his bomber or fighter aircraft over the battlefields of Europe and Asia appeared received his training at the GT-13. There were nearly 12,000 copies of this training aircraft built during the war, which nowadays is anywhere between 50 and 70 are left. And there come a time when so these two.

Also, the Vultee BT-13 for the Dutch airline also another takes a very special place. Indeed, it was this lestoestel where an entire generation of Dutch student pilots during the period '40 - '45 in the US flying has learned. But how the Dutch were now in America to learn to fly there? I will also explain the same.

The end of 1941, in connection with the rapid Japanese advance, by the leadership of the Military Aviation Department of the KNIL decided to transfer the pilot training of the Dutch East Indies to Australia. Within weeks it became clear that the Australian continent was not safe for a Japanese invasion. It was decided to transfer all student pilots to America to set up a Dutch flying school there. On April 20, 1942 left the entire group, consisting of 334 men of the Military Aviation Department of the KNIL and 126 men of the Naval Aviation Service to the US.

The Dutch flying school which received the official name of Royal Netherlands Military Flying School (RNMFS) was established at the Jackson Army Air Force Base in the state of Mississippi.

Having basic flight training followed by Fairchild PT-19 (PT-26 without cockpitdak), further training took place at the Vultee BT-13. Then went pilots that would be fighter pilots and pilots who would be bomber pilot apart.

The restoration

Both machines have arrived in parts Hoogeveen. This is a huge amount of parts which included stock-ordered and will be registered. The two BT13 are painted in a different color scheme.

In the picture below this page you can see how the tail section has already been injected into this scheme. It is the intention to build up both planes at the same time. First, we will start with the overhauling of all controls and control mechanisms. Thereafter, we will start with the frames of the fuselage. If they are ready can be started immediately with the installation of all controls. Then will do the necessary bodywork are some here and there will have to be repaired. Both devices will be flown after completion of Hoogeveen.



The project is now well on his way. The stock parts are sorted and recorded. And for most of the controls are already overhauld. Meanwhile, both frames are inspected and repaired if necessary. Then they are blasted and powder coated. There are two goats constructed when the frames are, so we can easily use the components already overhauld ready to install. As in the photo gallery you can see there are already built in some controls. The tail section of the Vultee is repaired and even if sprayed in the final color scheme. Now also the tail section of the second Vultee be overhauled.



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