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Cessna 172


Cessna has since 1956, the Cessna 172 into production. The unit is still in production in several variants. Up to now, there have been about 43,000 pcs of built, thus the plane is the longest in production. Even today you can still order a Cessna 172. And he is still popular with flight schools as tranings plane.

The project

In October 2013 we found a Cessna 172 from the year 1956 with serial number 28308 in the USA. On behalf of a client, we have the plane there inspected to spot and then crated and shipped to Netherlands. In return, our team from the USA, we have continued to examine the history of the aircraft. This was not such a big job because throughout history there is to make the first test flight by Cessna. This showed that this is probably one of the oldest surviving Cessna 172, at least the oldest in Europe.

November 2013

The container with the Cessna 172 arrives in Hoogeveen with us in the company. The container is packed directly from the aircraft undamaged comes out. We then again inspected all the parts and made a plan to get the plane airworthy again. Meanwhile, there is also a start was made to register the aircraft under its old registration. This process was completed on June 30, 2014 by the FAA.

Januarie / augustus 2014

In this period, all corrosion was removed. Own Creation which was on the upper surfaces of the device that had been more than 20 years in a hangar. This has entered the winter period, the condensation of the hangar at different spots on the paint so that the paint had broken down and corrosion spots were formed. Also, in-depth inspections are carried out to see if there had been created even more damage. This was not the case. Then the device is restored to its original schedule. The side and bottom surfaces are still in the original lacquer. Also, the engine was disassembled during this period for a corrosion inspection. Nothing was found. the engine does have regained its original color. Given the motor 9 hours had after overhaul, the engine was in a top condition. And the engine was repacked.

September / December 2014

Are there any other inspections carried out, among other SID inspection, and was started again building the device. Also, there is a new transponder, ELT and a new radio built in order to comply with the morderne contemporary requirements.

Januarie / juni 2015

In this period the engine is again built into the unit and reassembled the interior. The bonnet was repaired and gepoten. Further, the wings and the tail section assembled and performed a dual inspection, the propeller was inspected for airworthiness and repainted and balanced.

Below you will find some pictures of the project.


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