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Tiger Moth


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The Tiger Moth is a restoration commissioned by the Military Aviation Museum (MLM) Soesterberg. It is the intention to restore the complete aircraft and bring it back into air-quality state. On this site you will find information on the progress of the project and in the photo gallery will be posted regularly new pictures so that you can see how things with the restoration of state.

Below is the technical information of this plane.

Aircraft: De Havilland Tiger Moth
Manufacture: The Havilland, GB
Length: 7,30 m
Wingspan: 8,49 m
Height: 2,71 m
Engine: 1 x De Havilland Gipsy Major I, 130 pk
Weight: 507 kg (leeg), 829 kg (max.)
Speed: 175 km/u (max.), 151 km/u (kruissnelheid)
Range: 485 km
Ceiling: 4150 m
Crew: 2
Flown in: Netherlands

The restoration

Meanwhile, there has been done to the aircraft. All parts are disassembled, and the coating is taken off. There is a nearly bare frame in the hangar and the wings that are already completely bald. At present we are working on the components, they will be cleaned and repainted. At the same time it is also working on the frame, remove the old paint at the moment.


As seen in the photo gallery is shoot it well on. The Tiger is covered with linen and there are already some parts built into the frame. The frame is ready to be sprayed. The wings are repaired and repainted, at the moment we are working on the lining of the wings. For this, first a cover of linen to the size of the wing, where it is then pushed around and tense. Then the wings RTS will also be made so that they can be sprayed.


The fuselage is painted in the color scheme. The wonderful result is shown in the photo where the new photos are added.


The first wing is upholstered and tufted. This wing is also put in the first layer dope.


Because the renewal of the site has temporarily been no update on the project. The project is already well advanced. Meanwhile, there are two wings fully painted, the other two this week will still be provided with the color yellow. Thereafter, the wings will be phased out, such as fitting of the 'brackets'. After this, the wings can be fitted on the hull. The hull is at an advanced stage, the motor is attached to the trunk and now we are working to further reduce the hull.


The last two wings are painted and all wings are further reduced. The wings are also already been placed on the fuselage, after which this will be further assembled. The rudder is mounted. There is also working hard on the further reduction of the fuselage and engine. This is almost ready, there are only some small dots yet finished.


The Tiger Moth is ready! The plane is completely built and it has become a beautiful box that will be admired for some time in the MLM Soesterberg. Today there are photographs from this "museum aircraft", outside on the grass runway of the airport, admire will be the last time than the aircraft in its entirety on a grass runway. The photos can be seen in the photo album..

.The project is now complete and all the Tiger Moth was delivered to the museum and there is beautiful in the collection. The last pictures of the building in the museum have been added to the album. The aircraft is now in really admire the Military Aviation Museum in Soesterberg

Eind 2014:

The tiger now hangs in the NMM (National Military Museum) Soesterberg.



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