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The very famous aircraft designer Kurt Tank was in 1932, technical director of Focke Wulf in Bremen. The first plane, which he constructed in this capacity was the Stieglitz. The reason for the construction of this airplane was the question from the angle of the art kites. Among other Emil Kropf, Ernst Udet, and especially Gerd Achgelis, who became a remarkable tour with this machine by the U.S. would make.

The Stieglitz is widely used by the German Verkehsrsfliegerschulen and later by the Nazi Luftwaffe. Partly because of the demand for aircraft was so high that the machine was built by various licensees. The machine is at ATN, was built in 1940 by: Ceskomoravaska Kolben-Danek (CKD) in Prague and its SZ-21 military life worn in Finland. At present, the machine is registered in the German register under the symbol: D-ELFW.

Besides the Luftwaffe, the machine is used in large numbers by: Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Finland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, and Argentina, Brazil, Sweden and the machines under license of fabricated. Of the remaining Stieglitzen There are only a few airworthy, most are in museums.

The restoration

Color scheme FW44JHet plane crated by ATN in the US, after which it is transported to Hoogeveen. The Stieglitz is equipped with the BMW designed Siemens Sh 14 a radial engine that delivers 150 hp. During the restoration the fuselage and wings completely stripped, inspected, re-coated and painted. The aircraft is painted in color scheme of the Berlin Olympiad in 1939.

The Stieglitz on 29-12-2003 has made the first flight after restoration and this flight was a success. The plane flew perfectly and it was wonderful to see it fly. The pictures of the restoration and of course the first flight can be found in the photo gallery.

14 and August 15, 2004 the Stieglitz made his first cross-country flight, namely the International Old Timer Fly-inn at Schaffen-Diest. Here, the aircraft has won the "Best Vintage" (best old-timer)! Here we are obviously very happy.


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