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The FK 51 Koolhoven was most commercially successful design. It was developed at the plant's own responsibility. But she was hoping for an order from the former Air Force LVA. Which at that time was looking for a suitable trainer.Het prototype was built nearly thirteen weeks and first flew on May 25, 1935. About a month later he was tested by the LVA together with the British Avro 621 "Tutor". FK 51 turned out well to get through the test. And next orders of the LVA, but also of the MLD (Navy), LA-KNIL and the Spanish government. This success Koolhoven needs to expand his factory. FK 51 was used as a trainer and scout. There were no less than 160 units built.

The project

On Thursday, April 25, 2002 was at the Military Aviation Museum signed a contract with "Friends of the Military Aviation Museum, to proceed with the construction of a replica of the FK 51. This led to a contract to ATN Aircraft Division to build the body of the FF 51. Meanwhile, the hull is welded and approved by "SVVHMLM" it followed the order to also make the complete landing gear. Meanwhile the complete landing gear was designed and happened the last welding on the hull. This is a project successfully completed at ATN again. Friday, October 8 retrieved the body and will be further completed by the "S.V.V.H.M.L.M" after which it will be in the museum as a complete FK51. For photos of this project, please go to the photo gallery.



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