You can find qualified and certified ATN major, minor maintenance and overhaul of fixpits proppellors . We also specialize in maintenance and overhaul of historical aircraft proppellers. Below is a list to find the proppellors which we have built up experience:

Manufacturer Models
Hamilton Standard Div. United Aircraft CO. 2D,2B,12D, 22D, 33D, 24D
Hartzell Propeller Inc. HC-42XF, HC-52X20, HC-B4W, HC-D4, HCE4, HCA6A, HC-83V, HC-B3T, HC-92W, BHC-92W, HC-D3F, HC-D3X, HC-E5, HC-82V, HC-A2V, HC-A2MV, BHC-A2V, BHC-A2MV, HC-C3Y, EHC-C3Y, PHC-C3Y, HC-F2Y, HC-B3R, HC-B3P, HC-B3W, BHC-B3W, HA-B3P, HC-F3Y, HC-M3Y, HD-E6C, HC-H3Y, PHC-H3Y, BHC-J2Y, BHC-L2Y, BHC-G2Y, HC-B4T, EHC-L3Y,PHC-L3Y, HC-12Y, BHC-12Y, HC-M2Y, HC-B5M, HC-12V, HC-D2V, HC-D2MV, HC-D3V,HC-D3MV, HC-C4Y, HC-F4Y, HC-G3YF,HC-B4M, HA-A2V,HA-A2MV, HC-A3V, HC-A3MV, PHC-A3MV, EHC-A3V, EHC-A3MV, HA-12U, HC-12X, HC-82X, HC83X, HC-13X, HC-93Z,HC-92Z,BHC-92Z, HC-102Y, HC-B3Z, HC-A2X, BHC-A2X, HC-A3X, PHC-A3X, HA-B3Z,HC-D2X,HC-C2Y,BHC-C2Y,CHC-C2Y,DHC-C2Y, HC-B3M,HC-E2Y,DHC-E2Y
McCauley 1A90,1B90,1C90,1A135,1A170,1A175,1B175, 1A200,1B200,1C200,1D200,1C160,1C172, 1A100,101,102,105, 2D34C, B2D34C, B2D37C, C2D37C
Sensenich Corporation W69EK,W69EK7,W80CM8,W80DMseries, W80DA Woodprop series,69CK, 72CC, 72CK,70CM6, 70CM7,74CK, 76AK-2, 76AM6-2,74DC,74DM6,74DM7,74DR,76EM8,80BM8,CS-2FM4,CS-2FM5,CS-2FM6,CS-3FM4,CS-3FM5,C-2FB1, C-2FB2, C-2FB3, C-2FB4, C-2FB5, C-2FB6-1,C3FC3, C3FR4

ATN is certified to all EASA / FAA maintenance, repair and flash unit to perform inspections and certification.

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